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Combining body painting and expressive performance, then capturing this through lens-based media, we aim to address issues regarding body image in Japan through “Reconstructed Layers”.

Data from a government agency in Japan shows that 1 out of 5 women in their 20’s are underweight. Research by Yasuda (2023) shows a growing trend towards thinness and in some severe cases, this desire to lose weight is even present in women who are already underweight and at risk of sarcopenia (involuntary muscle loss). Pursuit of this image has led to additional issues such as bone density loss, malnutrition, mental health illness and anemia for the sake of “beauty”. Ando (2021) shows that commercial campaigns and social media accentuate pressure among Japanese women to achieve unrealistic body ideals.

Creating 16 body painting-photography performance sessions along with a multitude of photography and video pieces, Reconstructed Layers, will promote body positivity via three outreach plans in Tokyo to reconstruct countrywide perceptions of body image.


Sayuri is the Japanese tale of a traditional Japanese woman who falls into a deep coma. During this state she is visited by an entity who challenges her values. Upon awakening decides to live her life to the fullest.

Saikin Hikoshita

Inspired by the Jorogumo, a creature from Japanese folklore. They are spider monsters with the ability to shapeshift into beautiful women. Usually with their disguises they lure men into a vulnerable state then take their lives. This set reshapes this folklore as well as the muse and artist relationship.

Megami Deminutio

Flourishing Divine portrays Amaterasu, the celestial sun goddess, through a modern lens interlaced with the Cameron x Jayder aesthetic. Collaborating with florist Tou Floral, this piece emphasizes the radiance and beauty found within our own unique bodies while highlighting the inner goddess in all women.

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